Turnkey Marketing: Our first time sending out only 350 of these got us 10 houses and a profit of about $300,000!!! Worth every penny, So sign up today.

Finding a great deal becomes much easier by using our turnkey marketing system with the Turnkey Letter by Lee Arnold, and even easier with the Complete 6 Touches Turnkey Marketing Direct Mail System. You will get 1000 of each item below:

  • 1000 First Yellow Letters
  • 1000 Follow-up phone calls
  • 1000 Second Yellow Letters
  • 1000 2nd Follow-up phone calls
  • 1000 printed copies of the Turnkey Letter by Lee Arnold
  • 1000 3rd Follow-up phone calls
  • 1000 Last Chance Post Cards

Let Us Do The Work For You! Turnkey Marketing

This plan is not for everyone, but it is for those who simply cannot commit to the work required to successfully buy real estate directly from owners (saving you thousands and making you more money).

We provide the top marketing results you would achieve if you had put in the time for training yourself and had the time to do the business properly. What is your time worth to you? If you do not have to go through the deals that are not deals, how much time will that save you to do the important task of finalizing deals.


We caught a deal!!! And are passing it on to you. Only $299 per week! Our first time marketing to only 350 leads got us 10 houses and a profit of about $300,000!!! Now multiply that times 3 and what do you have? RETIREMENT! Worth every penny, So sign up today. We'll even provide the financing for qualified deals!

Get It Now!

Turnkey Marketing

  • Licensing Agreement to Use the Letter as Your Own (including all the case studies) (customized with your contact info)
  • Purchase And Sale Agreement
  • 3 Tiered Offer Formula
  • Offer-Writing Addendum
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Sample LLC Articles

Payment plans are available!!!

This is a turnkey solution. Our marketing includes the content that is strategically formatted to get the results you desire and must have in a successful business.

This system is complete, and therefore, works.

We do the groundwork and at least 6 "touches" needed to showcase you above and beyond the typical real estate investor.

We help with your long-term vision to build your business into an automated machine that makes you money when you buy! We can create a better world for you. We bring the passion to this business that is necessary for success.

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