Targeted Email Marketing

So, you want to use your targeted email marketing newsletter to start or build your list. You are wise beyond your competitors!

Statistics show:

  • As many as 44% (up to 89% sources vary) of marketers do not use targeted email-marketing
  • But 56% are the smart ones, and of those, 75% are more likely to purchase marketing automation software

Finding the time to create this fabulous newsletter is another matter. But that is for another article :).

A BIG statistic is:

  • 55% of marketers who use email received more than 10% of their sales from email!!!

Are you missing out?

Using Targeted Email Marketing

You should not have just one email newsletter. But, it's o.k. to start with one until you are ready and able to go to the next level. The reason is you want to further define your email subscribers and use the date you collect to further write to that list individual needs.

Why? Because this can improve your conversion of "leads to sales" 355%. PLUS increase your revenue by 781%.


So why don't more business use targeted email marketing? Because it is a process, you need a system, and it takes time. Most of us want instant gratification. O.K. you can get that, but it will not build your business with repeat customers, or spread your business with great referrals.

You need to embrace new technology, new data sources, and use this knowledge to get to your customers on an individual level. E.g., connect with someone who really needs to sell their house! Connect with someone who really needs to buy a house! Connect with another investor who needs money to rehab a house!

Shake up your digital strategy...

Yes, we all get lots, and I do mean lots, of emails each day. Everybody sends emails. But how many of those do we really take time to read because we can learn something from them?

People want a newsletter source they can count on to help or inspire them in some way. Just think about your business. Aren't you here because you are looking for something to increase your leads or sales?

If you can find a source of information that is done for you and sent to you in a daily or weekly format that does not take up too much of your time, gives you valuable information THAT YOU CAN ACT ON, and brings you this on a regular basis, and it's free...wouldn't you want it?

But the source has to have targeted you specifically to get to you, to get you to sign up, and to get you as a customer.

Now you value that newsletter.

And now your audience will value their newsletter when you learn to create quality content, learn about your customers and learn to target each one with the perfect information tailor made for them by you!

Don't have time to do this? Then let us do it for you. View our TARGETED e-Newsletters that are available to you at a fantastic value!

It is your job to never let your customer forget you!

You want to buy their house, but they are not ready to sell yet? Great, send them an informative, interesting e-newsletter to keep your name in front of them.

Got someone that wants to sell, but doesn't trust you? Great, send them a e-newsletter that will build that trust and credibility.

To Your Potential Sellers
$29.95 PER MONTH

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