Sales Dogs

Sales Dogs - I was very intrigued by the hook on the sales page of this book...a diagnostic test that supposedly tells you what kink of SalesDog you are, so you can learn how to sell more.

I gave up my email address and took the test! While it pretty much confirmed my self-assessment, it did help me think about my strengths and weaknesses. But it was fun too.

I have ordered the book because it was recommended to me by Lee Arnold, who's opinion I trust.

One of the things that is important to me, to always look in the mirror and try to improve...

This book is written by Blair Singer, Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki. Blair is a consultant that has reportedly helped hundreds of thousands of businesses and sales folks

increase their sales results,

and get this,

from 15-85%.

So, now you have my attention.

Sales Dogs - Grow Your Team and Make Your Sales Sled Dogs Work Together!

Blair goes into team building, a huge hurdle for most real estate investors.

Most new investors think they cannot afford a new employee. But you can't afford not to hire someone to help who brings strengths to build your business that make up for your weaknesses.

And you need to hire a second one as soon as you can.

Many are simply too afraid...what will I say to them...what work will I give them. You may be too afraid of paying them what little money you have. I know, I've been there.

These are valid concerns, so make a plan that will address these concerns so you can move forward.

I'll write more on team building soon.

But back to the book!

Blair offers a free 45-minute Strategy session. I haven't took it yet, want to read the book first. I do think there is a lot of value in listening to the right "others" who go before you with true experience. Be sure and choose your leaders carefully.

On the topic of sales, I trust a Rich Dad Advisor to Mr. Kiyosaki...their revenue numbers show they know how to sell :).

I also like the statement that you don't have to be an, "overly aggressive attach dog" to be successful. I enjoyed the metaphor of "man's best friend."  Plus the benefit of learning how to identify, maximize and train to your strengths, then pass that on to your other team members.

This one sounds like it will add punch to your presentation!

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