Real Estate Marketing Tools

Today I want to talk about real estate marketing tools. Please bear with me a little before we get in to specifics.

I just got off a training call where a frustrated investor was complaining about a marketing piece not working, and I know for a fact that this piece works very well because I use it!

There are many, many tools available to us as real estate investors. Often we discard them too soon and say, "That didn't work for me at all!" I know, I've done it. But on some items I kept hearing about other real people's success with the I gave it a second look and a second try. Why? Because maybe, just maybe, the problem is me.

Perhaps my method of utilization was off. Perhaps my attitude was off. Perhaps my delivery to potential sellers was off. It could be one or more of many things.

So, while this is not the topic of this article, don't forget to test and measure the different ways you can use the tool. Most everything has a learning curve.

Now to the tools!

Real Estate Marketing Tools To Use

I know, you get tired of me saying it, but your WEBSITE should be your number one tool in real estate marketing. #1 If you are spending money on direct mail, and don't have an informative website that calls to your contacts to take action quickly with you, you are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

Many buyers and sellers start with the internet to learn about who they are being asked to do business with. Your website can be help them make that decision in your favor.

It has been quoted that 92% of buyers use the internet at some point. You absolutely have to be there for both buyers and sellers.

#2 EMAIL MARKETING is so much fun. I love it because I love researching and writing about real estate and all things that connect with it. Take heart, when you first begin investing, you may feel inadequate. But you will find your niche as you grow. This is a great real estate marketing tool to use because you can develop you communication and writing skills as you do it. Don't say to yourself you have to wait until you are an exert to begin email marketing. Add it in when you can and then you will get better at it the more you do it.

If you don't know where to start, perhaps you can start by hiring a service to do it for you. You may find this suits you just fine and continue with it.

Always spend your time doing what you do best, and when you can, hire out the rest.

Want to engage in something that is is free, easy, and fun? #3 SOCIAL MEDIA!  I was very skeptical about using social media in my own business, even thought I had set it up and wrote post for may years.

The cause for my fear was two-fold. First, I did not want to fall into the pit of pretending to be something I wasn't. This was big for me because I had watched one former boss take this way beyond where he should. But I remembered one boss who stayed true to himself by always remember that yes, he wanted to promote his business, but he also thought about the people he was helping.

So just keep thinking about wanting a successful business, but also about promoting it with integrity and keeping focused on the people you are providing a service to. And use these successful real estate marketing tools to your advantage.

Second, I just had to get over the fear of putting my out there. You open yourself and your business up to people who don't like you or even want to do you harm. People who are quick to blame you for something you didn't do. Something that they can only blame themselves for. Just get over it. You cannot please all of the people all of the time, even though that is a goal of yours.

VIDEO MARKETING is #4, and I must admit at this writing I am not utilizing it enough. But that's ok. You are all going to start with the things on your marketing plan and add them in as time, money and necessity permits.

Something relatively new is TEXT MESSAGING #5. At first I was annoyed at this. But then I began to get information on things I wanted. So I think the key here is to utilize this tool only with those targeted individuals who you know are interested in what you have. Don't spam randomly.

Hang on, we are over half way through real estate marketing tools.

Would you like to be introduced at your own series of SEMINARS, #6? You can be! Don't wait to be invited to speak somewhere. Put on your own. It can be at the public library to start. Suddenly, people begin to look to you for the information they are seeking or the help they need. Be the expert.

BROKERING comes in at #7. Some of you real estate investors are also private money brokers. When you got trained as a broker, it opened up more money making opportunities, but it also gave you new insights to your real estate business.

Just a small note here that ANYONE who refers a deal/investor to us that we complete their funding, will get a very nice referral fee. So talk us up! Like us on Facebook! Get involved in making money.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT is often overlooked. It is #8. Don't make the mistake of getting involved to promote your business, but get involved and I believe you will see your business blossom, directly or indirectly.

PRESS LEASES #9. Go toot your own horn! Call the press and let them know you have a great story for them. Have them come out to a house you are rehabbing. Let them see first hand how you are helping the neighborhood. One simple call can lead to a lot of free exposure.

In closing, be sure to add in real estate marketing tools as you can to grow your business.

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