More Clicks on Your Craigslist Ads

Want more clicks on your Craigslist Ads? Here are some valuable tips to get the click!

Craigslist is a great free tool for real estate investors and brokers. The key is consistency, but lets dissect the ad to maximize its effectiveness.

Three major areas are the Headline, the body, and PICTURES. Yes the pictures are in the body, but I want to emphasize their use.

Are You Learning How to Get More Clicks on Your Craigslist Ads?

The headline is the first piece of valuable real estate in your ad because it is what a reader will choose to click on your ad or not. So, you need the headline to stand out!

One easy way to do this is to put either space or a character to the left and right of the heading. Example:

>>>>>>>>>>>>Awesome Home Just Waiting for You<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I can't give you the exact formula for your area because you need to see what your competition is already doing and make yourself STAND OUT!

Let's define, "STAND OUT". You need to set yourself apart from writing the same old, "3 bedroom/ 2 bath, great neighborhood, fenced yard..." etc.

Instead, what about, "Trump Has Gone Nuts!". Nothing is mentioned about your house, but since Trump is often a trending topic at the time of this writing, quite a few folks, who are already looking to buy or sell a house because they are reading the real estate for sale by owner section on CraigsList, will be intrigued by this headline enough to click.

The next sentence can continue..."Interest rates are STILL low and I have a home for sale that gives you more square footage than any other in the area, AND has the best price around!"

WARNING! If you have multiple homes for sale, or are posting regularly as you should be, do not overuse the same headlines or themes. Mix it up always so people do not recognize your style and simply skip your ad.

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