Marketing Mailing Lists

Marketing mailing lists are not all created equal, and you have to be smart about it in order to get your money's worth. Consulting a marketing professional is a great idea because they are a source specific list recommendations.

No matter what your business, buying houses for example, you need to reach the people who have houses to sell that meet the parameters you have set up for your business.

List derived from multiple sources, then refined and formatted, will produce the best results for you. Your list has to be compiled, but it does not stop there. It has to be properly managed and implemented in order to produce leads, and as you have heard me say many times: leads equal sales!

How to Find the Right Marketing Mailing Lists

Your time is valuable. Spending time and money sending direct mail to and calling people who are not your target will cause your business to suffer, and even possibly fail!

Finding your ideal list provider and securing your list is only half the battle. Just having the list is not conducive to instant success.

How are you using your list? Are you doing one mail piece then never contacting them again? What does that mail piece look like? What do your follow-up mail pieces look like? Are you calling your list also? Are you emailing your list? What service are you providing your list initially to help them trust you and want to do business with you?

Full Circle Marketing

I believe buying the right list and using them to build your business is an essential element to success. But it is not the only source for leads.

You need to build your own list for both direct mail and email marketing. This list, where people have signed up to see what you have to say, is the ultimate list.

While this list is often considered FREE, there is a price that has to be paid. You build this list through proving that you can help people reach their goal, showing them the plan a little at a time, helping them understand their circumstances, and finally come to the conclusion that they need you.

Lastly, as usual, there should be multiple layers to your marketing. You don't want to rely on just list alone. Develop, and always keep refining, your marketing plan.

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