Our Firm Provides Hard Money Home Loans Little Rock Arkansas and NATIONWIDE

Our firm provides Hard Money Home Loans Little Rock Arkansas and NATIONWIDE to finance your real estate deals.  Our team that has over 15 years experience made up of licensed contractors, attorneys, escrow, and title companies.  We make our processes as personable and simple as possible.  Our goal? To help you succeed as a real estate investor.

Every Hard Money Home Loan is unique, so we treat each loan on an individual basis. We don't just make decisions using a computerized formula. Real people evaluate your deal, not just your credit. Bottom line? We want to work with you!

We Are Here To Serve You For All Your Hard Money Home Loans

KISS Capital is the  “out-of-the-box” private money company. We provide real estate investment capital for consumers and real estate investors throughout the United States. We are known for our commitment to fast-funding, no-nonsense, story-book lending.

KISS Capital provides ASSET-BASED lending to investors who want to grow their business. This is good news to you! We are able to look directly at the worth of the asset, as opposed to other banks who use conventional credit-based standards. Many investors were hurt in the housing bubble burst that began in 2006. We were there with you and felt your pain.

Hard Money Home Loans Little Rock Arkansas and NATIONWIDE!

BUT, it’s a new day thanks to KISS Capital! We want to work with trustworthy individuals to help you gain financial independence by helping you make your profitable real estate transactions happen NOW.

KISS Capital is able to handle both non-owner occupied residential and commercial investment deals which brings diversity to your real estate portfolio.

PLUS we can often lend new investors a helping hand, a PARTNER to get you jump-started in real estate investing. Don’t just be a bird dog for relatively small fees, take the next step to escalate your career and financial gains today.

Hard Money Home Loans Little Rock Arkansas and NATIONWIDE

KISS is the recognized as the best at providing residential hard money loans. We are radically different from a bank and also other private lenders. We are direct lenders and can lend our own funds.  We have the flexibility to provide loans that make sense for the borrower.  We have no upfront fees and can provide loans as long as 3 years (or longer depending on the circumstance) which provides the borrower with the flexibility they need to maximize their opportunity on a residential property.

A residential hard money loan is a great alternative to traditional bank financing, since bank financing is out of the question for many. We help people become borrowers and thrive in their real estate business.

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