Daily Planner Tools - A Secret of Your Success

A must in the daily life of any successful entrepreneur is a Daily Planner. (DO NOT STOP HERE, READ ON!) This is one step all you real estate investor cannot afford to trust all to your memory!

I am about to admit a huge character flaw in myself...Planning to Plan, e.g, procrastination, perfectionists, what ever you want to call it! I've been told that some people are just made that way, they can't help it, it's in their genes.

So not true! Well, while it may be there, it is something you can change.

If no one has ever helped you overcome this trait, I hope I can help you tackle it. Because....it will absolutely kill your business. KILL!

What happens is, when you are making your great plan and feel the need to have every piece in place first, you end up with at best a small amount of effort wasted, or no effort at all.

That's why many real estate investor quit! They can't see past others successes and feel the deals just aren't in their area, they can't get the money, etc. The path seems too hard to walk. But it's not!

Some people spend endless hours planning...They accomplish nothing...They waste precious time...they never implement the plan.

If that has been you up to this point, DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT IT! Instead, just get the help you need to change. It will take small steps and will go against your grain. But, it will make you happy, productive, and successful in the long run.

Let's remove the doubts and fears associated with never actually doing the business. Removing that fear means getting in place a plan that keeps you moving forward.

A Daily Planner For Productivity - "Small moves, Ellie. Small moves."

I really liked the scene in the movie Contact where Ellie Arroway's father tells her, "Small moves, Ellie. Small moves." This is so applicable to our everyday life and business when just getting started.

So, for your first small move, get a planner. Now I'll tell you why I like this one and two support items that go hand in hand and help me. I actually now have a little more sophisticated plan system, but it might drive you crazy to start with. And that is why I'm starting here for you.

With this little InnerGuide daily planner.

Part of the reason you choose to have your own business is because you wanted the freedom to live life the way you choose. Planning your own day is part of that. So the InnerGuide is designed to inspire you, to keep you on track with your goals and help you achieve the balance in your business and a creative, fulfilled life. BAM!

You get to work on inner and outer goals at the same time. You can reflect on what is happening in your life and what you are made of to help yourself by helping others.

So much of your success is produced by being positive about your life. You also need to create new habits that bring success to you as a person and as a business person. Becoming the well-rounded person, successful in business and personally is a goal that you can achieve, with a little help.

So pick up a copy of this planner to get you started, and then come back and get one for the others in your life who need a little help too.

Also, check out two Action Day Notepads that are great companions!

One quick note, I do use online organization tools too! Love them! But I have a need like a lot of other people to see the planner in front of me or have something with me when I'm on the go to keep me on track. I have not been able to transition to totally online.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on The InnerGuide Daily Planner and Action Day Decisions & Actions Pad mentioned above! Just comment or ask questions below, or at least Share this Page with a friend!


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