Boost Organic Reach Facebook

Investors, you can boost organic reach Facebook!

It is easy to see how people drive targeted traffic to Facebook using Facebook Ads.

But you can also target your post to specific members of your Friends/Contacts and through the relationships in the other groups you are a member of.

The work involves reaching people indirectly through increased engagement...which results in greater organic reach over time.

Do you know how many of your followers are reading your posts? Not just reading, but paying attention? Sometimes, it is easy for us to open our Facebook page and have 35 new post to go through. It is a sacrifice of time to read them all.

Generally, only about 6% of followers will likely see your post. WOW! What you need is to learn how to boost that "organic" number to up to at least 40%. You need to target your audience through engagement.

Think about how an ad is effective. The ad is directed at the people who you already know are likely to be searching for that item.

So, by engaging your audience who you have identified as needing what you have to offer them. You have identified people who want to sell their house and are letting them know you have the ability to buy their house. Win/Win!

What I want you to do is set up the Facebook Optimization Tool if you have under 5,000 likes.

  • Simply go to your Facebook Settings tab in the top right corner of your page
  • Choose the General tab in the left column
  • Look in the right column and select edit on the Audience Optimization for Post row
  • Check the box and save the changes

Boost Organic Reach Facebook NOW!

The next time you write your regular post, click the Audience Optimization button at the bottom, then choose your Preferred Audience.

"Choose the people who you'd like to reach in News Feed. People in this group are more likely to see your post."

You can search or browse interests.

So, as investor wanting to buy houses, you can target those people in your audience who may have a house for sale or know someone who may want to sell their house.

Also, you can Target by Demographic.

Click the Audience Restrictions tab.

"Limit who can see this post. Only people in the audiences that you choose can see this post anywhere on Facebook."

You get to set the parameters for:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Locations
  • Languages

So you can actually choose to send the post to people in your town or the town you are looking to invest in.

This is a quick and easy way to target your friends on Facebook, boost organic reach Facebook, and not alienate those with unwanted post who aren't interested.


One valuable tip: Don't be an island.

What that means is your success on Facebook is not limited to how many people you get to "like" your page. You may have very few. No worries. You can greatly, and I mean greatly, increase the clicks to your website and get people interested in you by joining Groups.

For example, you can join Neighborhood Facebook Groups (and email list too). When I have a house for sale, I look online for a neighborhood group that is active. If I can't find the neighborhood, I go to a city group.

What is important, is you don't just "sell" these people. You become part of the group. You help them with their problems like finding a lost dog. You go to their yard sales, you recommend a handyman when they need one, etc. There are so many ways to help people out and boost organic reach facebook.

And they in turn will help you out.

You can let the neighbors know when you are about to start a rehab project. You can tell them they can follow you on your website or Facebook to see how you do a project. Many folks are interested!

There are other groups you can join, like your local REI groups, etc.

You just have to get out there and CONNECT with people and ask them, "How can we make money together?" Quote by Lee Arnold

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