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Blog Marketing Online is a key factor in your real estate business, and it is one so very often overlooked by so many.

Most real estate investors put up a canned website with a few pages.

Then they drive traffic to their website through manually placing ads and using Adwords. This in effect will mean you will forever be spending time and/or money creating ads, placing ads in multiple sources, creating artwork, paying hundreds of dollars a month for Adwords, etc.

While these are not bad things to do, they will not allow your website to build its own automatic following of potential clients that find you because of the good content based on keywords that you create.

And keep them coming back because you are the expert and they enjoy reading what you have to say and are looking to you to solve their problems.

Writing Copy for Blog Marketing Online

Your blog can actually make you money through educating, building trust, and winning the sales or purchase contract from your clients. There are so many investors calling potential sellers now days. People are uninitiated with "spam" calls.

Many of these people have done a search to see about selling their "problem child" house on the internet. By building up your website with quality content that speaks to their needs, you have introduced yourself in an entirely different way than most investors. They found you!

KISS Capital has developed ways to help you or provide for you a great message to deliver to your clients. Reach out to us for help!

While we promote writing good content to obtain quality traffic and leads, you should know you do not have to rank in the top 5% of all websites in the world before you begin to purchase and sell houses, and thus make money. But this should be your goal for your area: To be the top real estate investor website in your area by having the top ranking website in your area.

Writing to people everyday through your blog, letting them know you are a real person who is helping people just like them achieve their goals, will build your business. But, it will also help you grow as an investor.

  • You will be better at communicating with people.
  • You will be better at negotiating contracts
  • You will be better at recognizing what the seller needs and be able to better figure out terms that will suite you both

I'd like to go a little off topic here, then tie it in later:

I went to the Lee Arnold System Funding Tour last week. And I watched Lee role play with attendees. They were instructed to write a contract and then present it to the seller before the audience. This was an excellent, eye-opening experience for many there.

It's not as easy as it seems. Most investors just look at what they can offer instead of seeing how they can create a contract acceptable to both the sellers and themselves to achieve a win/win scenario.

Through your blog marketing online, you can go a long way toward showing your willingness to help the seller and you come to an agreement. You can show examples of how you have helped others sell their house to you, get the price they wanted, and allowed them to move on with their lives.

You can tell how you have been creative in helping people sell you their house and get them what they needed for it.

You can help them with tips on how to sell their house, even without you, which shows them that you care. And if they can't sell their house, guess who they will turn to for help?

So think about the value your website should be toward sharing your message through your blog with your future clients!

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