Automated Email Marketing Services

Learn how automated email marketing services can take your business to the top! I will teach you how to build a large audience and email list from scratch, and even provide you


leads per month.

Chances are you are not engaged in list-building with automated email marketing services.


The main reason you probably are not building your list, is you simply don't have thousands of dollars to spend in advertising like a few notable investors do. I understand, neither did I.

However, that doesn't mean I did not recognize how a large email list consisting of hundreds of thousands of readers would in a very short time propel my business to the very top!

I put in place a tried-and-true method of building a large email list and audience in a very short period of time. And I am releasing the secret to you, the small-time real estate investor, because I started small in real estate just like you, and I want you to succeed.

Like most of you, I didn't have a lot of money, or want to spend a lot of money on unproven advertising. The answer:

List-Building and Automated Email Marketing Services.

But what I learned quickly, is either you market or you die. With little money I new I needed a quick, cheap solution. And I am making it available to you.

I developed a master class on list-building, and I would like to give you a training session so you too can build your list and send automated email marketing. Now you too will have the training and a complete understanding of how the professional, big names in real estate have grown their business.

Now you will be on a competitive playing field with them. I will teach you why this is the single most valuable asset that you can develop for your business.

If you listen to the real estate gurus, you will hear them tell you in no uncertain terms that their list is the most valuable asset, not their products or services. Because the best produce or service will do no one any good if people do not know about it.

I'll show you how an amateur builds his list vs. how a smart professional (like you!) builds their list. Then automates their email marketing.

Build Your List With Automated Email Marketing Services

If you have even tried to build a list, you probably are spending a lot of time, money and effort doing task like posting on social media, writing blog posts, writing articles that few people are reading, trying to get the press releases out there.

So, tell me, how many subscribers do you get added to your list ever day?

1 or 2?

  • How many people want to buy your houses for sale?
  • How many people want to sell you their house?
  • How many people are bringing you the deals you need to make money?

Most professionals are typically adding anywhere from 500 to 1,000 new subscribers per day with only a fraction of the work!!! But, you do not need that many new subscribers to make your real estate deals happen. So you do not have to spend as much money as they do.

On average, you need to make contact with only about 25 new leads per week and you will have a real estate business that far exceeds your dreams!

Are you ready for me to teach you the process the big boys are using to generate huge leads? Do you want to add


to your list every week?

Based on current conversion figures, this should generate you about $200,000 per year in real estate to start with. Not chump change. Now there is a small disclaimer, you do have to have the education to convert those leads to sales, but I can also make that information is also available to you if you need it.

So let me walk you through the entire process of how you can take your fledgling real estate business to at minimum a $200,000 a year business your first year.

Want larger results? You can do it. Just double the system and you reach the $400,000 mark your first year. All through List-Building and Automated Email Marketing Services.

Let me emphasize, you don't need any experience to do this system. You can start from scratch with zero subscribers to your list.

I'll show you the tools and resources I use to build my lists, manage emails, and build a premium list of buyers and sellers, and bird-dogs for your real estate business.

We will cover a lot, all you need in fact! You can do this...I can help.

Automated Email Marketing Services

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