Alexa Traffic Rankings Basics And Your Real Estate Investing Website - Part 1

When I mention Alexa traffic rankings basics to my real estate students, they usually cock their heads sideways and just look at me. We are real estate investors, right? Why do I need to learn about something called Alexa.

The answer is simple, to grow your business.

My favorite expression, "Your website should be the hub of your business."

That being the case, your real estate investing website should be ranked well enough to:

  • be bringing you free organic traffic
  • used when you need it to bring you paid traffic
  • be part of the Circle of Internet Marketing by bringing you traffic from Social Media, etc.
  • show your credibility
  • help people see why they should do business with you

Alexa Traffic Rankings Basics: Go For #1!

Alexa was the first free traffic measurement service. Now it also provides a variety of other traffic analytics.

Let's talk about how to use Alexa daily to improve your business.

Alexa does not just measure your traffic, it can also help you see how your content quality ranks. So you need to measure content quantity and quality!

AND you need to measure the content quantity and quality against your competition's sites. Alexa can provide you with this information.

Now you can gauge how your competition is doing, get a glimpse of what their website's content is doing for them, see if interest in your business niche of real estate investor is growing, and lastly use this free too to improve your website.

Alexa is useful and reliable contrary to the huge amount of incorrect information out there. You can use it to understand the impact of keeping your content current and consistent on your website. Combine Alexa with Google Anayltics or your website's own actual site traffic.

Alexa obtains its results from a sample of tens of millions of internet users and the strengths and weaknesses of websites.

You need to install the Alexa Toolbar now. It is one of the Alexa Traffic Rankings Basics.

Think of Alexa as the Nielsen survey of the internet. Nielsen measures a sample of households, a very small sample. But they do understand that even a small sample can show you a lot of valuable information.

However, with Alexa, they measure in a wider variety of ways. They do use date from people who install their toolbar. They also have developed an amazing algorithm to improve their information. They have a wide and diversified base of users and they gather billions of points of data from many sources.

Below is today's screenshot for provided by Alexa that shows our rank today.

Our ranking is 1,749,186 out of about 30,000,000 sites that Alexa tracks. And we rank 169,149 right now in the United States.

Go to Alexa's site and enter your website url and discover your ranking now.

Are you happy or disappointed?

If you think you rank well, now ask the question, "Are you making money?" I see the look of surprise on your face. A high ranking does not necessarily mean you are making money, but that is a discussion for another time.

We at urge you to constantly look at your standings and gauge whether your current website is doing what you need it to. Do the Alexa Traffic Rankings Basics.

Remember, there are two general ways to increase your site's popularity:

  • Organic search
  • Paid search

I would like to mention, as of this date May 5, 2017, that we are running zero "0" paid ads, and have not run any since our website was hacked. Yes, we may run paid ads in the future, but my point is, you can increase your traffic and popularity easily through our KISS System, or even with your own efforts with more work, without paid ads.

Remember to check out the KISS Capital's Rise In Alexa Rankings example page.

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