100 Hard Loan Money NO FEAR!

100 Hard Loan Money No Fear

“Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.”– John F. Kennedy

Start the New Year out right, with knowledge and with No Fear! Fear will hold you back…I promise. Read 100 Hard Loan Money No Fear.

Fear can:

  • be debilitating
  • mask your instincts
  • keep you from becoming successful

 It can

  • negatively affect your emotional state, your physical condition, and your psychological well being
  • reduce productivity
  • alter your perceptions
  • cause you to be irrational
  • cloud your comprehension
  • make problems seem more complex than they are
  • limit your expectations

Fear can cause you to not thrive and even to not survive. Understanding your fears can help you overcome them.

 Fear of Failure

Do you fear failure? What about criticism or rejection. I have these fears and if they become too great, they can be incapacitating.

  • They can keep you from achieving even the smallest daily task.
  • They will keep you from being productive.
  • They will cause you to see failure ahead rather than success.

All the joy and excitement of learning and accomplishing your goals in your business will evaporate and leave you in despair, feeling sorry for yourself and without the courage to pick yourself up and move forward.

Failure is defined as a lack of success, but properly educating yourself for life and business will create success.  Don’t deprive yourself by engaging in ineffective action.

If you make a mistake, great! You will learn from it and improve your performance the next time. You haven’t failed, you have learned. Don’t abandon your goals or mission in life.

Teaching yourself to learn to fish instead of merely buying fish in the store will allow you a lifetime opportunity for may successes. So step out from the shadow of fear and find your success. You will find many hands willing to help if you will only take them. Re-read 100 Hard Loan Money No Fear when you feel fear slipping in.

Fear of Success

Are you afraid you will succeed? What will happen if you do achieve your goals? Will you then feel vulnerable because you will have to then do more? And you fear the challenges and responsibilities that will come with that?

Are you afraid of having to repeatedly climb the ladder to a taller height and set higher standards?

That’s not what happens at all! You get to go back to the exciting creative stage of finding a new love or perhaps an offshoot of an old one. You get to be a kid again and explore new places.

Life has many paths to choose. If you pass go once, you get to go around the board a second time! Gather strength from many people who decide they’ve finished one book and want to write another.

Yes, some people want to read the same book over and over, but most look for that new story to think about and build on. Stop fearing that you may not be worthy of more than one success. Stop fearing that you’ll get noticed. Stop fearing that you’ll disappoint someone. Don’t worry, you’ll make it as many times as you decide you want to. Enjoy every minute!

Fear of the Unknown

I could write a lot here, but the truth is there are too many unknowns to list, so why bother? This is one area where too much sensitivity is bad.

Instead concentrate on gathering your strength and courage. Build the confidence you need to overcome your fear. Leaving your fear behind will make your journey far more enjoyable and productive, PERIOD. Find the balance.

100 Hard Loan Money NO FEAR!

“Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop.”– Usman B. Asif

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